Germany – Restructering of the schoolyard, primary school Koblenz Rübenach

Origins of the initiative (starting point)

The schoolyard was unattractive for children’s play. It consisted of an unattractive concrete area with an unused lawn as there were no possibilities for play. After school and at the weekends the schoolyard was open to all and used as a cross-generational meeting area, so this function should be kept and the appeal for children as well as youths and adults should be increased.


Restructuring of the schoolyard towards a nature-oriented playspace appropriate for children´s needs. By creating a seating area there´s now an opportunity to use part of the schoolyard as an outdoor class room.

Target groups

Pupils of the primary school Koblenz Rübenach; Children and families using the schoolyard after school or in the holidays. Gender specific: Girls have their own “Lesewald” (reading forest) with a “Fühlwand” (tactile wall, designed for haptic experiences).

Subjects involved

  • Initiated by the Förderverein der Grundschule Rübenach (Friends of the primary school Koblenz Rübenach)
  • Pupils were included by producing drawings of their wishes for a new schoolyard and also helped in the construction process
  • Parents were included by inviting them to a planning workshop
  • Teachers collected ideas
  • Implemented by landscape gardener: Stadt + Natur Klingenmünster with the help from the pupils, teaching staff and parents

Tools and resources used for play

Tree trunk spillikins, jungle gym made of ropes, climbing wall, tin can telephones, Atrium for use as an outdoor classroom, balance course made of tree trunks and basalt boulder, big planting area, experience path, tactile wall designed for haptic experiences.

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