Pilot Projects

In the project Re-Play, 3 pilot cities are networking. In these cities, an Office Article 31 is working in order to:
  • Improve the perception and the assessment of the article 31 of the Convention on the Rights of Children
  • Enhance the information about the existence of the right to play, to leisure and sport
  • Ensure all children and young people enjoy the right to play
  • Encourage local free play areas, make sure local play areas are accessible and also safe so that parents are less worried
The main objective of the Office article 31 is therefore to support the fulfillment of the right to play on a local stage, to check the access for all to play, to sensitize, to inform, to enhance the perception of the right to play, to support all local initiatives that defend such a right on behalf of children. The 3 cities selected are: the city of Parma, the city of Warsaw and the city of Liverpool. > Pilot Project Office 31 in Liverpool
> Pilot Project Ufficio 31 in Parma
> Pilot Project Office 31 in Warsaw