IIT – The Intercultural Institute of Timisoara

The Intercultural Institute of Timisoara (I.I.T.) is an autonomous, non-governmental institution, having a cultural, civic and scientific activity, without political purposes, which adheres to the values and the principles of the Council of Europe concerning interculturality. The I.I.T. was established in 1992 with the support of the local authorities of Timisoara and of the Council of Europe. By its programmes and its activities, the I.I.T. pursues the development of the intercultural dimension in the fields of education and culture. The I.I.T. also promotes, at the national and international level, the climate of tolerance and interethnic communication specific to the town of Timisoara and to the region of Banat. The I.I.T. has established a wide network of partners from different regions of Romania and from several European countries, including institutions, NGOs and professionals from its interest areas. I.I.T. is cooperating very well with local, regional and national authorities in the fields of education, culture, youth and national minorities. A particularly fruitful cooperation has been developed with the Council of Europe, mainly with the departments of education, culture and youth and with the Confidence-Building Measures Programme. Since 2003, I.I.T. is member of the CIVITAS network, initiated by the Center for Civic Education, U.S.A.


Calin Rus

Institutul Intercultural Timisoara
Bd. 16 Decembrie 1989 nr. 8, 300173
Timisoara, ROMANIA

Telephone: 40 256 498 457

Fax: 40 256 203 942

E-Mail: calin.rus@intercultural.ro

Website: www.intercultural.ro

Oana Nestian

E-Mail: oana.nestian@intercultural.ro