DJI – Deutsches Jugendinstitut

The GERMAN YOUTH INSTITUTE (DJI) is an independent social science research institute. Its tasks comprise application-oriented basic research on issues related to children, youth, women and families. Moreover, the Institute initiates and scientifically accompanies model projects carried out by youth and family welfare services and offers social science services.

In line with its tasks, the German Youth Institute works in the interface between policy, practice, science and the public. The task of the Institute is twofold: On the one hand, it insures that knowledge is transferred to practical social work and political counselling; on the other hand, it incorporates the experiences gained in practical work into research.

The German Youth Institute was founded in 1963 as a non-profit association made up of members from institutions and associations specialising in youth services, politics and research.
Its Board of Trustees comprises representatives of the Federal and Laender levels, the afore mentionend non-profit association, and the scientific staff working at the Institute.

At present, the German Youth Institute has the following research departments: Children and Child Care, Youth and Youth Welfare, Families and Family Policies, Social Monitoring and Methodology and the Research Units: Youth Transitions and Migration, Integration and Interethnic Coexistence. The Institute has a branch in Halle (Salle).


Ursula Winklhofer, M.A., Dipl.Soz.päd.

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