CONI – Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano

The CONI provincial committee is the living expression over the Province of the Italian National Olympic Committee. As a consequence, the mission of the committee arises from the Statute of CONI and, because of the possibility to be directly in contact with society, from the article 2, paragraph 3: “…promote sports and support the largest diffusion of sport activities, at any age and for the entire population, with a particular attention to the juvenile sports….both for the able and the disable” and the article 3 paragraph 1 “…also in order to sustain the social and cultural integration of people…” Such a mission is obviously accomplished in more complex and structured way. First, the committee constructively interfaces with the provincial boards of the National Sports Federation, Associated Disciplines, Promoting Sports Boards and Meritorious Associations. These boards are part of the sports organization and, therefore, they supervise and organize the agonistic and non-agonistic sports activities. It is also active to create close cooperation with the management of local boards, both public and private. Specifically, it invites local boards to develop sports facilities while fulfilling the role of a technical advisor of the subject. It closely cooperates with the Provincial School Board to support sports in schools (see Student Sports Games) and mainly to organize its promotional sports projects locally, which have a national character and address to schools (e.g. Youth Games and Giocosport). Great attention is given to sports societies, which are the core of the sports organization. Among the relevant activities:
  • Keeping the Register of the sports associations and societies with the national CONI
  • Acknowledgement and supervision of Centri Avviamento allo Sport (Basic Sports Centers) that are presents in some sports societies; organization of relevant events
  • Qualified experts advise on subjects they are interested in such as fiscal, legal, medical etc.
The National Day of Sports represents the contact with the “common” people to promote sports. It is scheduled on the first Sunday in June nationwide; there are also similar events all year round. It is just like a window that confirms the popular, social, educational and cultural dimensions of sport. These are the very moments when all can get familiar and try several sports disciplines and this switches on (in children) and awakes (in adult people) the desire to make sport. Let alone the care in training all technical people working in the world of sport (technicians, managers, sports operators etc.). Together with the Sports Regional School, we offer the possibility to take part in up-dating events (seminars, conferences, meetings) and training events (courses). The committee is in charge to acknowledge, indicate, emphasize and award those people (athletes and non-athletes) that represent or have been particularly active in provincial sports activities over their territory.


Gianni Barbieri

Comitato Provinciale CONI di Parma
Via Luigi Anedda 5/A, 43122

Telephone: 0521 772894 – 0521 783068

Fax: 0521 774663