Warsaw City of Sport

Warsaw is a city of rich sport traditions. Here sport was born and set directions for the city’s development. Warsaw educated many outstanding Polish sportspeople. In the recent years Warsaw had been represented in Summer Olympics by 40 competitors, who constituted 15,5% of Polish Olympic staff, for instance: Otylia Jędrzejczak, Kamila Skolimowska, Tomasz Majewski, Maja Włoszczowska, Paweł Korzeniowski, Mateusz Kusznierewicz. Sport and recreational activities have always been the favorite pastimes of active inhabitants of Warsaw. Warsaw is a city full of green and open spaces, as well as the newest sports facilities, which encourages practicing of sport. Today sport and recreation are one of the most important social tasks implemented by the local government of Warsaw. Its goal is to take care of the physical activity of residents by popularizing healthy lifestyle in different forms of sport and recreation. Sport is understood as an action contributing to European ideas such as social integration and education through physical activity, according to Olympic standards and fair play principles. Warsaw is a city of great successes in the area of sport in the group of children and teenagers, where training programs are being carried out according to the highest global standards, and the forming of sports talents is already beginning amongst the youngest. Warsaw actively carries out ideas of sport and recreation in many areas. For the contribution we have been awarded an European Capital City of Sport honorary title granted by ACES and approved by the European Commission. The title was granted for the city’s special contribution to the development of sport and for the cooperation with partners for the promotion of health and sports life. The city also promotes giving equal opportunity and the possibility of practicing sport and recreation by disabled persons, as well as sports investments. For the first time European Union appreciated Warsaw for this activity, which resulted in ranking Warsaw among Polish cities with the best systems of sport development and recreation. In the year 2009 and 2010 Warsaw was nominated for the Sports City Awards. Among other nominated cities were: Melbourne, Singapore, Berlin, Doha, Dusseldorf. In 2011 we were rewarded a prestigious 2011 Sports Borough award. With the Resolution of the city council, the capital city of Warsaw accepted the “Development strategy of sport in Warsaw till 2020” drawn up by the Bureau of Sport and Recreation, which constitutes the programming document for functioning of the self-government body in sport and recreation. We prepared and published a statistical yearbook of Sport in Warsaw.


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