APRFSL – Association pour la Promotion de la Formation et de la Recherche en Sports et en Loisirs

It is an official association recognized by the French Law (J.O. n° 33 – 12 August 1992).
The association promotes and supports researching and training in the fields of education, sport and leisure.

The aims of the association are:

  • Training activities in the area of sport job
  • Researching activities in the field of education, sport, physical activities and leisure activities
  • Developing and promoting activities to influence the growing sectors of: education, sport culture, education science and sport science

Three categories of main activities:

  • Research and counsel
  • Promotion of scientific and cultural events
  • Publication of books


E-mail President: pigeassou.charles@wanadoo.fr

E-mail Secretary: irmi.baumann@wanadoo.fr