Comune di Parma

Although a relatively small city, Parma can boast some truly monumental architecture, a rich artistic heritage and a range of important cultural institutions. Among the chief attractions of the town, the splendid Romanesque Cathedral, frescoed by Correggio and the octagonal Baptistery, Benedetto Antelami’s architectural and sculptural masterpiece. Besides, Parma is associated with influential figures such as Giambattista Bodoni, generally recognized as one of the greatest typographers of all time, Giuseppe Verdi and Arturo Toscanini.

Altitude: 57m
Inhabitants: 186.690

Parma is an elegant city where reigns a refined atmosphere that can only be breathed in a ‘petite capitale’, with its centre rich of art, parks and treasures from different ages, it is a very welcoming place, able to hold tourists and citizens with its manners.

Yet Parma is not only the city itself, the monuments or the tradition in music and culture: Parma also includes the province, a territory of infinite funds, a varied landscape that stretches from the Po river to the Appenines’ crest, with small villages rich of history and liveliness, castles, medieval parish churches and theatres spread in the countryside.

Many activities are also possible in the countryside, itineraries on mountain bike, horseback riding, hiking, discovering ancient monuments and small villages or just relaxing in the beautiful frame of the Appennines mountains, from the south of the Via Emilia to the highlands at the border with Liguria and Toscana.


In spite of being passionate foodies, people living in Parma are also very keen on their good shape and can find in town a wealth of places to keep fit: large green spaces to run like the Cittadella or the Ducal Park, gyms, swimming pools and health clubs to indulge in treatments. The town is host to a wide range of sporting facilities, including the Palaraschi indoor stadium, several football grounds, tennis courts, athletics centres and cycling tracks.

Football fans can always check out their favourite local team Calcio Parma, playing in Serie A, at the Tardini stadium. If you prefer watching rugby, the city is represented by two teams: Plusvalore Gran Parma and Parma Rugby Fc, belonging to a long tradition of rucks, scrums and kicks.

Active holiday lovers can try their hand at a round of golf at the Golf club Santa Elisabetta in the University Campus of Parma or in Salsomaggiore and Sala Baganza or ski on the slopes of Schia and Prato Spilla. Those wishing to indulge in the need for speed can try a session at the Paletti motor racing track of Varano and at the Crossdromo of Lesignano Bagni. Or if like a mix of sport and relax, hop on a horse in one of the several riding schools or follow treks exploring the hills and parks in the province.


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Comune di Parma
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