Warsaw – Office 31


Sport and Leisure Department City of Warsaw
Oboźna 1a street
00-340 Warsaw

Telephone: +48 22 443 24 72

Fax: +48 22 443 24 57

Opening days

Monday, Wednsday, Friday
Opening hours: 8.00 am – 04.00 pm

Main activities

  • Existing programs: “Summer in the city”, “Syrenka” and “WiDoK” are used to promote an inform about project, and they are an example of good practices to increase children’s awareness of their rights to play, listening to the needs of children, creating map of free access to the objects where children can play, pay particular attention to safety where children play. Initiatives and innovative practices to involve the children in the relevant decisions – opening of public areas, free play and sport opportunities.
  • Consultation with children at schools, sports centers once a week. The meetings during its teachers and legal guides encourage children to talk about: what is play for you, whether in the city are places where you can play safely, what kind of places do you like the most, describe your free time, what do you do in your free time.
  • Full promotion and communication:
    • Roll-ups and posters in each school, sport club, sport center which inform and promote of children’s right to play;
    • Our website www.sportowa.warszawa.pl where you can find whole information about Re-Play project and action in Warsaw;
    • Facebook – discussion forum;
    • Competition: was announced art competition under the name “Academy of Play” for children in 134 places (schools, community centers, youth clubs, sport centers). All children and young people were invited to take part in a competition: posters (drawings), cards, logos and slogans for the awareness campaign on The Right to Play. What does this mean to you? The participants will be divided into two groups according to their age (5-11 and 12-16) and 3 categories: posters / drawings, cards, logo for the Annual Day of Play. The work could be submitted until 30th of September 2011 to the Office of Sport and Leisure, City of Warsaw.

For more information

Sport and Leisure Department City of Warsaw
Website: www.sportowa.warszawa.pl
Facebook: Akademia Zabawy – Replay