Parma – Ufficio 31


Comitato Provinciale CONI di Parma
Via Luigi Anedda, 5/A – 43122
Parma (PR), ITALIA

Telephone: 0521/772894 – 0521/783068

Fax: 0521/774663

Info corners

Two corners with some illustrative material are located in the city centre: Albo Pretorio and Informa Giovani – Youth Information Centre so that information may be disseminated more diffusely than through the Office alone. The two corners will only be used to give first general information and the users will then be redirected to the Office.

Opening days

1st December 2011 – 30th September 2013
Opening hours: 8.00 am – 04.00 pm

Main activities

  • Promote the right to play. Open to the public for three days a week, in one of these three days once a month all day opening; manned with 1 professional being able to listen to and collect the needs expressed by parents and offer counselling on the relationship play-sport – family / the relationship parents-children, the perception of the right to play. It can also be supplemented with the organization of debates/round tables.
  • Creation of a consultative committee of young people, children and parents; creation of a committee of local players comprising members of the civil society, voluntary members of associations, youth’s associations etc.

      The members of the consultative group are:

    • Professor Giancarlo Izzi Pediatric Oncohematology Department of Parma Hospital, Head of Department
    • Colori d’Africa Association, President Gnaly Achille
    • Crescere con Noi Association, President Layla Cervi
    • Giocamico Onlus no profit organization, President Corrado Vecchi
    • Sports Representative for the Provincial Authority, Walter Antonini
    • Ombudsman, Dr. Pierluigi Bellaveglia
    • Technical Commission of Provincial CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee), Professor Renato Conte
    • ANS National Sociological Association, Regional President Raffaele Quattrone
    • Sara Capelli Professional Educator Coordination Office of Local Resourse
    • Paolo Pessina Journalist and Parent
    • Francesca Franzoni Parent
    • Marina Bottazzi Parent
    • Paolo Camuti Borani Parent
  • Dissemination of art..31 through the local media and through the networks that are mainly followed by the young people, in the very aim of reaching the 13-18 age, and in particular YouTube, facebook, twitter etc.

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