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Liverpool City Council
10th Floor – The Capital -39 Old Hall Street
Liverpool L3 9PP

Telephone: 0151 600 2945

Mobile: 07841 295 256

Main activities

Liverpool has now established an active Project management group. Several meetings have taken place to secure participation by a number of partners in the Pilot Office. Those partners include International and Culture (project management), Community Safety, Youth Service, Health Department, Schools Parliament, Police. Additional representation is being sought from schools representatives. The City’s 2 premiership Football Clubs are also interested in contributing to the project via their youth and community work. Meetings with the clubs will take place in early March.

Discussion of Article 31 was also the main topic at the Liverpool Schools Parliament on 19 January. The young people unanimously supported a motion which spoke in positive terms about Article 31 and made a number of recommendations which will be fed into the City’s Children and Young People’s Plan and also will help steer the work of the Article 31 team in Liverpool. Photographs of young people debating article 31 show the interest and enthusiasm of people for the topic.

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